December 30, 2008

{hansel & gretel july.08}

ink, 14'' x 17''

December 26, 2008

{i feel it most in the sun may.08}

annie-sage, trashensky
my mother spread her shoulder blades along fault lines and fossils before heading east and heading out. daughter of avocado-tinted contradictions she followed hollow-engine wrists over alphabet cities and garden skylines. my mother folded cardboard castles in nostalgia's stony backyard before strapping on tradition for travesty.
sometimes I feel her wanderlust waxing warnings between bones and sun-tight skin but. it's not a need for change just another excuse wrecking myself under the pretense of knowing better next time. I hold on to space after I know it's dangerous and I still gravel-down-gravitate to places I know can hurt me but like her, I just want to keep looking.

December 25, 2008

happy holidays y'all

{it is the worst thing in my mind december.06}
ink on business card (stock), 3.5'' x 2''

December 24, 2008

count it up

in my long list of faces i've held up:
little one
sweet lips
slow talker pillow queen

it's great to not have to write my own resume.

{let's make it old news april.08}

December 23, 2008

{when i was seventeen i wanted to shout the things i knew for sure november.07}

when i was seventeen i wanted to shout the things i knew for sure:

ink, 11'' x 14''

two years have passed but barely anything's changed.

December 22, 2008

{i can speak for myself april.08}

now I remember how little
heat you radiate
when you’re silent
and you’ve lost your shape

December 20, 2008

{we were fashioned from terra cotta july.07}

your teeth let me know it will never be the same as
the summer we were renegades in your attic room
little pieces of you falling away into my open palms and
i kept them-
i kept you fossilized upon a high-up shelf
now your sighs are dreadful and unbearable
they hang archaic from the beams above our heads
i don’t remember your mouth always being this stale,
i know i tried to fill you with breath
to the brim-
to the point of overflowing
i can tell you need something but you’ve gotten to feel too safe
your reassurances are too restricting
it's only alright because of how you fold into me

December 17, 2008